Board Cultivation/ Strategic Partnerships

Lay the groundwork for shifting your conversations about recruiting new board members from a “who do we know” conversation that takes place a few months (or a few weeks!) before board elections to a strategic and ongoing board cultivation and recruitment process.

To create your board cultivation and recruitment plan, consider the following:

1. Relationships to cultivate in the short-term (for an upcoming election)

2. Relationships to cultivate in the medium to long term (for board service starting after the next election).

Develop a strategy for selecting and inviting people from these lists to ask whether they would like to increase their involvement with the organization.

Onboarding for new board members

Onboarding a new board member starts them off on the right foot with board service and sets the tone for a great tenure. They can start making an impact sooner, and it sets them—and the whole board —up for success.

Are you ready to take you board to the next level?

Having a strategy for assimilating new board members into your organization is extremely valuable. But where do you go from there?  Having all the pieces be part of an overarching strategic plan is the key to success.  The strategic plan should contain short and long term milestones along with partnerships, that’s the “secret” behind successful boards.

SCT Consulting Inc. understand all these steps and can help you have a successful board or continue the improvements of your existing board.