Silvia Castro

Targeted and engaging consulting led by Silvia Castro.

I have more than 15 years of experience working with small- and medium-sized organizations. I have worked extensively with entrepreneurs, launched my own organizations and initiatives, and worked with two Fortune 100 companies. As a bilingual and bicultural professional, I bring a unique perspective and expertise to every consulting opportunity.

Growing up in Salt Lake City, I was educated locally and worked with the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce. In that work, I began working with entrepreneurs in various industries. I fell in love with entrepreneurship and have achieved great success consulting these organizations:

  • Increased income by 30% following a strategic assessment that allowed the organization to reach a new demographic market
  • Increased market outreach by 65% through a targeted marketing plan to minority businesses
  • Increased management morale and productivity through delegation training

 I love working with small- and medium-sized businesses and non-profits looking to expand their reach, target new demographics, and create a strategy that works for the future of their organizations and communities. In addition, I am passionate about working with minority businesses, having worked extensively with the Utah Hispanic and non-Hispanic markets, as well as women-owned businesses.

My strong interpersonal skills, positivity, and business acumen allow me to give your organization honest feedback and move you toward greater organizational success.