Workplace Assessment and Cultural Expertise Strategic Plan

Diversity and equity for a modern workplace.

Any organization hoping to attract top talent must be intentional about their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. These are becoming more and more important for jobseekers and employees hoping to be retained at your organization.

Supporting diversity within an organization requires four things:

  • Understanding the conversation around diversity and equity issues nationally and locally
  • Hearing the real, lived experience of diverse people in your organization
  • Learning the pain points and roadbsachieving diversity and inclusion
  • Setting goals for the organization and holding everyone (from the CEO to the newest employee) accountable for their implementation

We have worked with organizations going through this continuum before. We know the challenges and roadblocks you will face, and how to deliver this information to be learned and applied at all levels of your organization. As part of a diversity and equity curriculum, we will work with you to define cultural intelligence and diversity for your organization; set and communicate expectations for employee behaviors and actions; train your senior leadership to set an example and empower employees; and create a foundation upon which you can achieve your business goals in an enduring way.